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Toolbar API: Top-level Toolbar functionality

Function Short description
is_admin_bar_showingDetermines whether the admin bar should be showing.
show_admin_barSets the display status of the admin bar.
wp_admin_bar_add_secondary_groupsAdd secondary menus.
wp_admin_bar_appearance_menuAdd appearance submenu items to the "Site Name" menu.
wp_admin_bar_comments_menuAdd edit comments link with awaiting moderation count bubble.
wp_admin_bar_customize_menuAdds the "Customize" link to the Toolbar.
wp_admin_bar_edit_menuProvide an edit link for posts and terms.
wp_admin_bar_headerStyle and scripts for the admin bar.
wp_admin_bar_my_account_itemAdd the "My Account" item.
wp_admin_bar_my_account_menuAdd the "My Account" submenu items.
wp_admin_bar_my_sites_menuAdd the "My Sites/[Site Name]" menu and all submenus.
wp_admin_bar_new_content_menuAdd "Add New" menu.
wp_admin_bar_recovery_mode_menuAdd a link to exit recovery mode when Recovery Mode is active.
wp_admin_bar_renderRenders the admin bar to the page based on the $wp_admin_bar->menu member var.
wp_admin_bar_search_menuAdd search form.
wp_admin_bar_shortlink_menuProvide a shortlink.
wp_admin_bar_sidebar_toggleAdd the sidebar toggle button.
wp_admin_bar_site_menuAdd the "Site Name" menu.
wp_admin_bar_updates_menuProvide an update link if theme/plugin/core updates are available.
wp_admin_bar_wp_menuAdd the WordPress logo menu.
_admin_bar_bump_cbDefault admin bar callback.
_get_admin_bar_prefRetrieve the admin bar display preference of a user.
_wp_admin_bar_initInstantiate the admin bar object and set it up as a global for access elsewhere.