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oEmbed API: Top-level oEmbed functionality

Function Short description
enqueue_embed_scriptsEnqueues embed iframe default CSS and JS.
get_oembed_endpoint_urlRetrieves the oEmbed endpoint URL for a given permalink.
get_oembed_response_dataRetrieves the oEmbed response data for a given post.
get_oembed_response_data_for_urlRetrieves the oEmbed response data for a given URL.
get_oembed_response_data_richFilters the oEmbed response data to return an iframe embed code.
get_post_embed_htmlRetrieves the embed code for a specific post.
get_post_embed_urlRetrieves the URL to embed a specific post in an iframe.
print_embed_comments_buttonPrints the necessary markup for the embed comments button.
print_embed_scriptsPrints the JavaScript in the embed iframe header.
print_embed_sharing_buttonPrints the necessary markup for the embed sharing button.
print_embed_sharing_dialogPrints the necessary markup for the embed sharing dialog.
the_embed_site_titlePrints the necessary markup for the site title in an embed template.
the_excerpt_embedDisplays the post excerpt for the embed template.
wp_embed_defaultsCreates default array of embed parameters.
wp_embed_excerpt_attachmentFilters the post excerpt for the embed template.
wp_embed_excerpt_moreFilters the string in the 'more' link displayed after a trimmed excerpt.
wp_embed_handler_audioAudio embed handler callback.
wp_embed_handler_videoVideo embed handler callback.
wp_embed_handler_youtubeYouTube iframe embed handler callback.
wp_embed_register_handlerRegisters an embed handler.
wp_embed_unregister_handlerUnregisters a previously-registered embed handler.
wp_enqueue_embed_stylesEnqueues the CSS in the embed iframe header.
wp_filter_oembed_iframe_title_attributeFilters the given oEmbed HTML to make sure iframes have a title attribute.
wp_filter_oembed_resultFilters the given oEmbed HTML.
wp_filter_pre_oembed_resultFilters the oEmbed result before any HTTP requests are made.
wp_maybe_enqueue_oembed_host_jsEnqueue the wp-embed script if the provided oEmbed HTML contains a post embed.
wp_maybe_load_embedsDetermines if default embed handlers should be loaded.
wp_oembed_add_discovery_linksAdds oEmbed discovery links in the head element of the website.
wp_oembed_add_host_jsAdds the necessary JavaScript to communicate with the embedded iframes.
wp_oembed_add_providerAdds a URL format and oEmbed provider URL pair.
wp_oembed_ensure_formatEnsures that the specified format is either 'json' or 'xml'.
wp_oembed_getAttempts to fetch the embed HTML for a provided URL using oEmbed.
wp_oembed_register_routeRegisters the oEmbed REST API route.
wp_oembed_remove_providerRemoves an oEmbed provider.
_oembed_create_xmlCreates an XML string from a given array.
_oembed_filter_feed_contentPrepare the oembed HTML to be displayed in an RSS feed.
_oembed_rest_pre_serve_requestHooks into the REST API output to print XML instead of JSON.
_wp_oembed_get_objectReturns the initialized WP_oEmbed object.