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WordPress API for creating bbcode-like tags or what WordPress calls "shortcodes". The tag and attribute parsing or regular expression code is based on the Textpattern tag parser.

Function Short description
add_shortcodeAdds a new shortcode.
apply_shortcodesSearches content for shortcodes and filter shortcodes through their hooks.
do_shortcodeSearches content for shortcodes and filter shortcodes through their hooks.
do_shortcodes_in_html_tagsSearches only inside HTML elements for shortcodes and process them.
do_shortcode_tagRegular Expression callable for do_shortcode() for calling shortcode hook.
get_shortcode_atts_regexRetrieves the shortcode attributes regex.
get_shortcode_regexRetrieves the shortcode regular expression for searching.
get_shortcode_tags_in_contentReturns a list of registered shortcode names found in the given content.
has_shortcodeDetermines whether the passed content contains the specified shortcode.
remove_all_shortcodesClears all shortcodes.
remove_shortcodeRemoves hook for shortcode.
shortcode_attsCombines user attributes with known attributes and fill in defaults when needed.
shortcode_existsDetermines whether a registered shortcode exists named $tag.
shortcode_parse_attsRetrieves all attributes from the shortcodes tag.
strip_shortcodesRemoves all shortcode tags from the given content.
strip_shortcode_tagStrips a shortcode tag based on RegEx matches against post content.
unescape_invalid_shortcodesRemoves placeholders added by do_shortcodes_in_html_tags().
_filter_do_shortcode_contextFilter the `wp_get_attachment_image_context` hook during shortcode rendering.